Meet our Leading Team

We'd like to thank the team that helped bring The Finellis Movie to life!

Joris Hermans - Co-Director
Mark Janicello- Exec. Producer, Co-Director
Ulf Weidmann - Composer, Musical Director & Scoring
908 Motion Design - Animation
Marco Bischof - Co-Producer

Igor Andreevski - Co-Director of Photography
Markus Zucker - Co-Director of Photography
Slobodan Bajic - Sound Design and Recording
Costume Design - Barbara Langbein
Hair and Makeup - Yvonne Denner
Set Decoration - Felicity Good

Watch The Finellis Movie

Available on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Roku, Dish TV, Direct TV, Vudu, YouTube Premium, Fandango,  and many other streaming services.

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