Meet our Leading Team

Veteran Director Joris Hermans has over 25 years experience in the field of televised comedy, whether Stand-Up, Variety Show or SitCom. Born in Brussels, Belgium, Joris speaks Flemish, German and English fluently. He has been involved in "The Finellis" since its inception. For his work on the SitCom, Joris has accumulated numerous "Best Director" Nominations at international Film- and Television Festivals in 2019 and 2020, winning Best Director Award for "The Finellis" at the 2019 New York City
Television Festival.

Mark Janicello is the creator of The Finellis.  In addition to the screenplay & the lyrics, he also served as Executive Producer and co-director of The Finellis Movie.  After a stage career spanning more than 30 years, including thousands of live performances of operas, operettas, musicals, plays, and concerts, in 2016, Mark Janicello began acting in film, television and commercials. During the last years he has filmed more than 100 national and international projects.  After 20 years of writing and producing stage and touring production, including five world-premiere musicals, he made the move to television production in 2016. In 2018, he founded Marjan Content Productions. The first product from this new company is The Finellis  which combines traditional family entertainment with cutting edge storytelling, live music and animated sequences. For his work on The Finellis, Mark has won 17 Awards and 54 Nominations at International Film- and Television Festivals throughout 2019 -2021.

Ulf Weidmann is a veteran producer in the world of German Pop, Rock and Orchestral Music.
Additionally, he has composed song for Champion Soccer Clubs as well as for major
European Soccer Events.  As pianist and musical director, he has performed more than 1000 live concerts worldwide. He has worked with the crème de la crème of both studio and live musicians
including – Nathan East (Whitney Houston), Michael Thompson (Christina Aguliera, David Foster), Pino Palladino (Phil Collins, Adele), Abraham Laboriel (Al Jarreau), Chris Ralles (Kenny Loggins), Paul Leim (Lionel Ritchie, Peter Cetera), Curt Cress (Tina Turner), Joe Chemay (Pink Floyd, Lionel Ritchie), Jerry Hey (Michael Jackson), and many others. Ulf is the composer of all the original songs in "The Finellis" and is responsible for the soundtrack compositions as well. He and Mark Janicello have been working together for over 20 years. Their first song for The Finellis, "Here I Am Again," has been nominated
numerous times for "Best Song" at International Film- and Television Festivals in the last 12 months.

908 Motion Design is Berlin-based production studio as well as one of the leading producers of 2D and 3D Animation in German-speaking Europe. 908 are specialists in the areas of commercials, animations, corporate videos, interactive exhibits, character design + animation, 3D visualizations, VR, AR, projections and other media and technologies. During the last 10 years they have produced commercials and animation for international companies including Coca-Cola and Asics Sneakers. They have worked for nearly every major German corporation including Audi, Volkswagen, Danone Foods,
Siemens, Mercedes and Lufthansa.  908 is responsible for the design and animation of "The Flying Finelli" Cartoons that appear in The Finellis.

After a successful career in investment banking, Marco Bischof turned his attention to producing. He has been involved in all aspects of The Finellis since its inception.  From TV Series, to Film and now to a West End stage production, Marco is an integral part of The Finellis team.

Directors of Photography - Markus Zucker
2. Director of Photography - Igor Andreevski
Sound Design - Slobodan Bajic
Costume Design - Barbara Langbein
Set Decoration - Felicity Good

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