The  Finellis Movie Cast

Mark Janicello as Tony Finelli
Bianca Karsten as Tina Finelli
Timo Merkhoffer as Jürgen Drahtseil
Yollette Thomas-Wunder as Barbara Bischof

Sophie-Rose Middleton as Lola Finelli
Gabriela Burkhardt as Lena Finelli
Phyllis Pastore as Bea Finelli
George Pollock as Pete Finelli
Trish Osmond as Nonna D'Agostino
Kim Tatum as Eva Klein-Guttierez
Mario Garcia as Jorge Alberto Gutierrez
Dietmar Wunder as Agent Schmitt
Stan Holoubek as Ingolf Lutschmann
Judith Shoemaker as Helga Brennfeuer

Nola Hayes as Little Lola
Yannick Worring as Little Lena
Robert Boy as Phoebe Tension
Rasmus Branders as Helmut Rachmann
Yvonne Denner as Yvonne
Marco Bischof as Hoodlum 

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