"The Finellis" at "LIFE" in London

"The Finellis" at "LIFE" in London

"The Finellis" will have a special screening as part of Mzz Kimberley's LIFE Gala Show 2019 in London's City Hall on Friday, September 13th.   Mzz Kimberly (Kim Tatum) appears in "The Finellis" as Eva Klein-Guttierez in Episodes 6, 7 and 12 of Season One.   At "LIFE" we will be screening scenes from our LGBTQIA+ Storyline starring Mzz Kimberly (Kim Tatum).


Mzz Kimberley invites you to LIFE, stamping out transphobia one strut at a time.   Join her in celebrating the beauty and power of trans models and performers as they slay on the catwalk and showcase their amazing talents. This event will amplify the work cliniQ does and raise money for them to continue their life saving work.  cliniQ is a Trans-led sexual health, and well-being service.

Date / Location:  September 13th 2019 at City Hall- London

Time :  5pm – 9pm

18+ ID required

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