A Flood of Int'l Award Nominations for "The Finellis"

A Flood of Int'l Award Nominations for "The Finellis"

What a week this has been!!  These are the international awards nominations that we have received in the last few days (in reverse order)


The Finellis: A New SitCom has received its 42nd Nomination at the 2020 SIMFEST making "The Finellis" an Official Selection in the category of "Best Entertainment Series." The SIMFEST (a.k.a. The International Festival of TV Broadcasters and Independent Producers) is celebrating its 17th year and we are thrilled to take part in this prestigious festival.


The Finellis: A New SitCom is now an Official Selection of the 6th Annual Peak City International Film Festival. Our SitCom is nominated in the category of "Best TV Pilot." The Awards will be held on September 18th.  Mark Janicello spent much of his childhood in North Carolina and is especially proud of this award nomination.



We are thrilled and delighted to announce that The Finellis: A New SitCom has received another International Award Nomination. We are now a Semi-Finalist in the category of "Best Comedy Series" at the 2020 Berlin International TV Series Festival TVSFBerlin.


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