Little Lena

Little Lena

Yannick Worring

Yannick, one of four siblings, was born in Los Angeles, California in January 2008 to a German Father and a Peruvian mother, both of whom are professional tennis coaches. Before the age of two, Yannick began climbing all over the family home, so her parents signed her up for gymnastics. She began competing in gymnastic competitions at the age of six and did several shows and events with her athletic talents. Parallel to gymnastics, she plays tennis and has won many tournaments.

Last year the Worring Family moved to Berlin at the invitation of the German Gymnastics Federation for Yannick to begin full-time gymnastic training. She is also a good ice skater and rock climber.

She speaks English and German fluently, as well as some Spanish, and she wants to learn Russian. She is a very good student and in addition to all her other activities, Yannick has also worked as a model for IVIVA clothing, Athletic DNA and Karma Bikinis.

Yannick is making her TV Series-debut in “The Finellis.”



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