Fat Louis

Fat Louis

Daniel Mele

Daniel was born in Ludwigsburg, Germany. After attending the University of Berlin Film School, where he majored in acting, starting in 2012 he performed in various theatrical productions, such as „The Locomotive“ at Berlin's famed Theater am Kurfürstendamm. Daniel toured Germany for nearly two years in the one-man show, „The Ninth Animal Symphony” (Die 9. Sinfonie der Tiere) where he played 14 different characters. His biggest film role to date was in Nullinie“ by Krzystof Santa playing the comedic role of police officer “Schnüffler” (Nosy).

Daniel will soon be seen in a commercial for the Italian pasta maker „Barilla“ which will be airing on all social media platforms. He also works regularly as a voice-over artist in both German and English.

Daniel makes his TV Series Debut with „The Finellis” playing the role of "Fat Louis" one of Mafia Boss “Mr. Big's” henchmen.

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