Agent Schmitt

Agent Schmitt

Dietmar Wunder

You may not recognize his face, but if you live in German-speaking Europe, you certainly know his voice. Dietmar is the German Voice of Daniel Craig as James Bond. Listen to Dietmar as James Bond:

Dietmar synchronizes not only Daniel Craig, but Cuba Gooding Jr., Adam Sandler and many other Hollywood Legends in the German-language Versions of their films. He also narrates many books for „Audible“- Amazon Audio Books, including the recently released „You Are Wanted,“ which has just been turned into a TV Series on Amazon Prime with Matthias Schweighöfer.

In „The Finellis,“ Dietmar will be playing Agent Schmitt who works for the German CIA (der Verfassungschutz).  Agent Schmitt is a Master of Disguise, undercover Secret Agent who also happens to suffer from an extreme case of OCD.


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