"The Finellis" a New American Sitcom

"The Finellis" a New American Sitcom

It's "Mrs. Doubtfire" meets "Goodfellas" meets "Glee."  


In the 1990's, Tony Finelli, an Italian-American from New York (Mark Janicello) was a star in Europe. Tony found fame starring in "ELVIS: The Musical" and together with his ever-present Manager, Jürgen Drahtseil, turned that initial success into an international singing career.

In 1997, Jürgen was approached by an “Italian Concert Promoter” regarding a big event for Tony in Sicily.  This “promoter” turned out to be an undercover Agent working for the German CIA, and leading a secret sting operation to arrest "Mr. Big" (Godfather of the Gambaretto Mafia Family), who was under investigation in Berlin for both tax evasion and money laundering.  In over their heads and caught between the Mafia and the German CIA, Tony and Jürgen were faced with the choice of either going to prison for Mr. Big, or having both of their families murdered by the mob.

“The Finellis” begins on the day Tony and Jürgen are released from a 15-year sentence in Moabit Prison in Berlin. No one meets them at the gate. Tony returns to his former home wanting to rebuild his life. Unbeknownst to Tony, shortly before his release, Tony's Russian Ex-wife Tina Finelli , a former model and stewardess had filed for divorce.

The scandal surrounding Tony's arrest ruined Tina's reputation.  Alone with two children and no income, Tina turned Tony's mansion into a bed and breakfast. Now, as owner of Tony's former home, she lives there not only with their two daughters, Lola and Lena (now 27 and 20 years old), but with Tony's parents, Pete and Bea Finelli as well as his ancient, Sicilian grandmother “Nonna”. In short, numerous generations of Finellis are living under one roof.

Recently, the maintenance man in Tina's boarding house quit. Out of love for his family, Tony Finelli, the proud peacock, swallows his pride and takes over the job, hoping to rebuild his life, restart his career and reconnect with Tina and his (now grown) children.  Take Tony's two left hands, add a helping of total inadequacy, and you have the perfect recipe for the comedic chaos that is "The Finellis."



Season One

Episode 1

The Homecoming

After spending 15 years in jail for a crime they didn't commit, Tony Finelli and his Manager Jürgen Drahtseil return to Tony's Villa in Berlin to find out that nothing is the way they left it.

Episode 2

Dinnertime Disaster

Tony's parents, Bea and Pete Finelli try to re-unite the family the only way they know how, with food. It doesn't work out exactly as planned.

Episode 3

The Makeover

After 15 years in prison, Jürgen thinks Tony is in desperate need of a complete "Makeover." However, in the case of Tony Finelli, "Less is more!"

Episode 4

A (Mr.) Big Problem

Tony and Jürgen's past catches up with them when "Mr. Big", Godfather of the Gambaretto Mafia Family makes a surprise visit. Tony and Jürgen are worried that Mr. Big will make them another "offer they cannot refuse".

Episode 5

Barbie's Dreamhouse Record Company

A record executive wants to sign Tony to a new recording contract, on the "unspoken" condition that Tony also services her in her bedroom. Tony and Jürgen have to figure out how Tony can get the record deal without turning him into Barbie's "Ken".

Episode 6

A Bird in the Hand ( Part One )

Jürgen's revolving door of girlfriends causes he and Tony to discover that perhaps there is more to being a woman than what they ever imagined.

Episode 7

A Bird in the Hand ( Part Two )

Jürgen's revolving door of girlfriends causes he and Tony to discover that perhaps there is more to being a woman than what they ever imagined.

Episode 8

And now a word from our Sponsor

Tony's life is turned upside down by Tina's "Sponsor".

Episode 9

Coffee, Tea or Me? ( Part One )

Tony meets a beautiful , slightly wacky, but very funny waitress at the local bakery who makes him finally start to forget Tina.

Episode 10

Coffee, Tea or Me? ( Part Two )

Love throws a monkey wrench into the lives of The Finellis.

Episode 11

What a Dump!

Tina's "Sponsor" dumps her for a 25 year old University Student. She is furious and wants to exact revenge - on Tony.

Episode 12

The Heat is On

Tony and Jürgen are under a lot of pressure as they prepare for Tony's big "Comeback" Concert. At the same time, his and Jürgen's relationships start to experience "growing pains".

Episode 13

The Comeback

At Tony's first major concert since his release from prison, Tony and Jürgen take back control of their lives from Mr. Big for the first time in 15 years.

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