"The Finellis" - The Award-Winning New Sitcom

"It's "Mrs. Doubtfire" meets "Goodfellas" meets "Glee." To save his family from the mob, Tony Finelli, the famous American singer, spent 15 years in a Moabit Prison in Berlin for a crime he didn`t commit. Upon his release, Tony finds that he has lost not only his wife, children, and home, but also his name, reputation, career – and all his money. Like a clumsy Phoenix trying to rise from the ashes, the eternal optimist sets out on a very bumpy journey to reclaim his life, and win back the love and respect of his family. Unfortunately for Tony, things don’t always work out as planned... View More

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Our 51st Nomination - " Best Pilot Series" at the London Int'l Motion Picture Awards

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Jean-Luc Godard Award Nomination for "The Finellis"

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Look what just arrived from Las Vegas

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The Finellis win its 17th Int'l TV Award in North Carolina


Meet the Cast

Tony Finelli

Mark Janicello

As the second of three brothers, Mark Janicello learned how to take his licks... but also learned how to dish them out. Born in Brooklyn, New York and currently living in Berlin, Germany, Mark made his first solo appearance as a boy soprano at four years old. He's been on stage or in front of a camera ever since.

In his amazing and eventful career, he first conquered both the New York Subways and the very critical New York audiences as a street singer, winning „America’s Best Street Performer 1992.“ His

$15.000, prize-winning appearance in New York's Grand Central Station featured multiple musical and vocal styles and was based on the idea: „What if Elvis never died but just turned into Pavarotti?“ He then made the leap to established theaters and concert halls performing in Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, The Zürich Opera House, The Apollo Theater in Harlem, The

Grand Ole Opry and The World Music Festival Copenhagen among many, many others. After over a decade of pounding the pavement in New York, Mark's „overnight success“ came playing the King of Rock'n'Roll in „Elvis: A Musical Biography.“ His critically-acclaimed performance in that production made his name throughout Europe. In the meantime, he has performed in 43 countries on 5 continents playing leading roles in over 23 Musicals, 30 Operas and 12 Plays. He has recorded 37 CDs in every conceivable musical style; worked with Oscar-, Tony-, Grammy- and Emmy-winners and has filmed over 90 film, television, commercial and corporate projects. As a writer, Mark's 2011 autobiography „Naked in the Spotlight“ was published in both German and English. He has written 6 new musicals, worked as a critic-at-large for BroadwayWorld.com, and had his own column on the marketing of Art and Artists in „Hoop Doop“ Magazine.

From 1998 until 2016, Janicello produced Musicals, Theatrical- and Corporate Events under the corporate banner of LaRaven Productions, which was incorporated in Amsterdam. In 2010 and 2011, both LaRaven Pubishers and Gallery LaRaven Art Galleries were added to mix of LaRaven Productions Product Lines. In 2016, Mark Janicello made the move from live- and theatrical events, to filmed entertainments when he founded Marjan Content Productions. "The Finellis" is the first TV Series from this new corporate entity. “The Finellis“ which has filmed a “proof of concept“ episode, starts production of it's 13-episode first season in 2018, and is currently being offered on the international television market.


Photo 2018, Copyright Manfred Jasmund, Jasmund Photo.  Reproduced with permission.

Jürgen Drahtseil

Timo Merkhoffer

Timo Merkhoffer was born in Braunschweig, Germany. After moving to Los Angeles in 1995, he started his acting career playing small roles in movies like "Heat" (1995) and TV shows like "Baywatch" (1995), "Melrose Place" (1996) and "Beverly Hills 90210" (1997) while continuing to study with some of the best acting teachers in Hollywood.

In 2000, he returned to Berlin, Germany, where he's been seen playing supporting roles on TV like "Ein Starkes Team," "Verbotene Leibe" and "Unschuldig" as well as numerous TV Movies.  Timo has an active career as both actor and model in Commercials and Corporate Videos for companies like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank, Vodafone, TUI and Volksbank, among others.

Music fans may recognize him from his appearance in Annette Louisan's music video “Besonders.” Timo is also a talented singer and guitarist.


Photo: © Bernd Brundert

Tina Finelli

Bianca Karsten

Bianca Karsten was born in Berlin, Germany. She is an actress and singer who works regularly both on stage and on camera and has appeared on the legendary German Soap Operas "Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten," and "Unter Uns," as well as on primetime shows like "Anna und die Liebe," "SOKO Wismar" and many, many others.

She has made numerous films and TV Movies and also appears regularly at the Komödie on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. A talented country singer as well, Bianca makes regular concert appearances nationwide.

Lola Finelli

Sophie-Rose Middleton

"Lola Finelli", Tony Finelli's oldest daughter, will be played Sophie-Rose Middleton. Sophie grew up in Hertfordshire, England. After graduating at 18 from the Emil Dale Academy, Sophie was about to further her studies at the London School of Musical Theatre.

However, before she could start, she was offered a leading role on The Disney Fantasy, the Disney Flagship Cruiseliner. Working with Disney, allowed Sophie to play leading roles in their onboard productions, travel the world and gain invaluable professional experience.

In addition to her work with Disney, Sophie has appeared in a few films. She will be making her television series-debut in “The Finellis.”

Lena Finelli

Gabriela Burkhardt

Gabriela Burkhardt was born in Brasil and spent the first years of her childhood there, until her family emigrated to

Germany. As a small child, she began both violin- and piano lessons while simultaneously studying ballet, modern dance

and gymnastics. As a gymnast, Gabriela has won numerous tournaments and competitions. Through music and sports,

she became increasingly interested in traveling which culminated in her spending a year abroad, living in the USA.


Gabriela has made a number of short films and appeared on numerous German soap operas. “The Finellis” marks

Gabriela's first recurring role on a television series.

Beatrice "Bea" Finelli

Phyllis Pastore

Originally from Colorado, Phyllis has spent the last 30 years in the Big Apple. She is a well-known actress and voiceover artist, as well as a very talented cabaret singer both in New York and Europe. She regularly appears at Feinstein’s/54 Below, Don't Tell Mama, and The Duplex Cabaret and Piano Bars in Manhattan and has been a mainstay during an astounding, 26-year, yearly engagement at The Montparnsse Piano Bar in Mykonos, Greece.

She has made numerous short films and played leading roles in commercials. This will be Phyllis' debut playing in a leading role in a TelevisionSeries.

Pete Finelli

George Pollock

Playing Tony Finelli's long-suffering Italian father, is veteran actor, George Pollock. He has appeared on Broadway, Off-Broadway and in regional theatre as well as on film and TV. Whether he’s a serious, central character or comic relief, George has never had a bad review.

On Broadway, he originated one of the five principal roles, Jobby Rosen, in the Tony-, New York Drama Desk-, and New York Drama Critic’s nominated Lamppost Reunion, written by Louis LaRusso II. On television, George was Sgt. Pepitone in the PBS docudrama "Eye Witness." Soap Opera fans have seen Mr. Pollock featured on "One Life to Live" and "As the World Turns."

Mr. Pollock began his career after having graduated from The Juilliard School. His first appearances were in musicals including "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" with Betty Hutton, "Paint Your Wagon" with Earl Wrightson, "Roberta" with Edward Everett Horton, "South Pacific" with Betty White and Georgio Tozzi, "My Fair Lady" with Sally Ann Howes, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" with Daryl Hickman, "Mr. President" with Bert Parks, and "The Sound of Music."

"Nonna" D'Agostino

Trish Osmond

Playing the role of Nonna D' Agostino, Tony Finelli's 90-year-old, fantastic, slightly-demented, Italian Grandmother will be the veteran English actress, Patricia „Trish” Osmond.  She was born in 30th of May, 1944 on the Isle of Wight, just off the South coast of England. Trish had her first small speaking part on stage when she was just two years old and took part in English-Speaking amateur theatre as often as possible throughout her life.  Whether it was musicals, Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas, Shakespeare, Pantomime, Comedies – as long as it was on stage.

After raising her family, and returning to a full-time professional career, she has made movies, short films and numerous commercials and has become a regular presence on German television.

Little Lola

Nola Hayes

Nola Solana Hayes was born with show business in her blood. She is the daughter of award-winning variety artists Sonny and Galina Hayes. As a result of her parents extensive contracts, Nola spent 2 years in Israel, 2 years on the Gold Coast of Australia and even a year in Hawaii.

Nola’s initial interest was in Ballet, but she soon transferred to Rhythmic Gymnastics. More recently, she has dedicated her time, extensively, to Sport Acrobatics. In this discipline, she has already achieved 2 gold medals and a bronze. Whilst Sport Acrobatics takes the vast majority of her time, after her schooling, she still finds time to paint and draw, an area in which she is also very gifted. Nola is making her TV Series-debut in “The Finellis.”

Little Lena

Yannick Worring

Yannick, one of four siblings, was born in Los Angeles, California in January 2008 to a German Father and a Peruvian mother, both of whom are professional tennis coaches. Before the age of two, Yannick began climbing all over the family home, so her parents signed her up for gymnastics. She began competing in gymnastic competitions at the age of six and did several shows and events with her athletic talents. Parallel to gymnastics, she plays tennis and has won many tournaments.

Last year the Worring Family moved to Berlin at the invitation of the German Gymnastics Federation for Yannick to begin full-time gymnastic training. She is also a good ice skater and rock climber.

She speaks English and German fluently, as well as some Spanish, and she wants to learn Russian. She is a very good student and in addition to all her other activities, Yannick has also worked as a model for IVIVA clothing, Athletic DNA and Karma Bikinis.

Yannick is making her TV Series-debut in “The Finellis.”



Agent Schmitt

Dietmar Wunder

You may not recognize his face, but if you live in German-speaking Europe, you certainly know his voice. Dietmar is the German Voice of Daniel Craig as James Bond. Listen to Dietmar as James Bond: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2J5dq8QmT0

Dietmar synchronizes not only Daniel Craig, but Cuba Gooding Jr., Adam Sandler and many other Hollywood Legends in the German-language Versions of their films. He also narrates many books for „Audible“- Amazon Audio Books, including the recently released „You Are Wanted,“ which has just been turned into a TV Series on Amazon Prime with Matthias Schweighöfer.

In „The Finellis,“ Dietmar will be playing Agent Schmitt who works for the German CIA (der Verfassungschutz).  Agent Schmitt is a Master of Disguise, undercover Secret Agent who also happens to suffer from an extreme case of OCD.


Fotocredit ©krohnphoto.com

Mr. Big

Erwin Bröderbauer

Erwin Bröderbauer was born in Salzburg, Austria. He started his career at the world-famous Salzburg Festival and has been on stage and on camera ever since.

At 139 centimeters tall, Erwin is a huge personality in a small package. In addition to Erwin's work on TV and Film, he has been a member of the Acting Ensemble of the Vorpommersche Landesbühne for 20 years.

There, he has played leading roles in shows by Shakespeare and Schiller, and as he is a talented and passionate singer has appeared in numerous Musicals and Operettas as well.

Erwin play Mafia Boss “Mr. Big” head of the Gambaretto Crime Family in “The Finellis.”

Fat Louis

Daniel Mele

Daniel was born in Ludwigsburg, Germany. After attending the University of Berlin Film School, where he majored in acting, starting in 2012 he performed in various theatrical productions, such as „The Locomotive“ at Berlin's famed Theater am Kurfürstendamm. Daniel toured Germany for nearly two years in the one-man show, „The Ninth Animal Symphony” (Die 9. Sinfonie der Tiere) where he played 14 different characters. His biggest film role to date was in Nullinie“ by Krzystof Santa playing the comedic role of police officer “Schnüffler” (Nosy).

Daniel will soon be seen in a commercial for the Italian pasta maker „Barilla“ which will be airing on all social media platforms. He also works regularly as a voice-over artist in both German and English.

Daniel makes his TV Series Debut with „The Finellis” playing the role of "Fat Louis" one of Mafia Boss “Mr. Big's” henchmen.

Jorge Alberto Gutiérrez

Mario R. Garcia

After a 50+ year hiatus since his days as a child actor in his native Cuba where he performed on radio, TV, theater and film, in 2015, Mario returned to acting after an extraordinary life and career. Ironically, he has gone from playing children to now playing grandfathers. He lives in NYC and teaches Journalism at Columbia University.

As a media designer, he has collaborated with more than 700 publications. He was the first recipient of the Society for News Design's Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2006, People en Espanol chose him as one of the 100 most influential Hispanics. In September 2012, García published his thirteenth book, and first e-book, iPad Design Lab: Storytelling in the Age of the Tablet.

„I guess I am a living example of the fact that you can reinvent yourself at any age.”

Eva Klein-Gutiérrez

Kim Tatum

Kim Tatum studied musical theatre at the City Lit Institute in London and acting at the New York Academy of Theatre Arts under the direction of Philip Nolan. Her first film role was the cult hit "Killer Tongue" directed by the award-winning visionary, Alberto Sciamma.

Additionally, she appeared in ‘Preaching to the Perverted’, a role first offered to Jerry Hall. Other acting credits include, ‘Wave Lengths’, ‘Cold Feet’, a cameo role in the long-running Soap Opera BBC EastEnders, and she is currently co-tarring in the new hit Web series, "Spectrum East."

Kim has appeared internationally in the theatrical productions "The Maids," "The Las Vegas Story," "In the Flesh," “The Vampires of Sodom“ "Trans Scripts" and appeared in a supporting lead role in the new musical, "Closet’s" at Manchester's Hope Theatre.

Mike Richards

Kamary Phillips

Kamary Phillips is an American singer, songwriter, producer and actor. He was born in Baltimore Maryland. Kamary spent a lot of his childhood growing up in Vermont, then the ‘whitest State’ in the Union. This upbringing likely explains Kamary’s diverse musical knowledge and tastes and the reason his own music tends to be far more eclectic than typical Black artists from the USA. Kamary has written and sold a few screenplays, he’s appeared as a formidable actor on the big screen and he’s a regular host on the German music show, “Musicwatch”, rock music TV broadcast, “Bedrock TV” and the positive information broadcast, “Good News Central 2. He has written and published over three hundred songs. He has written or co-written for successful artists such as Kenny Chesney, Xavier Naidoo, Jodee Messina, Elin Lanto and others as well as producing a variety of Rock, Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop tracks for various artists and publishers.


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